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Supporters We Should All Support

A huge TREAD TIRE AND PEAK REACH Thank You to Pat Carrigan & his superb catalog photography for sharing with our site.

Check out the ironic “flashback to the future” he did just months ago as I was preparing the site, and his now infamous last sentence interview “I wonder how many Red Rockers our on the trail today?”

Learn more at: https://mbaction.com/__trashed-12/amp/

Marin Museum of Bicycling

RUN !!! (Or better yet even RIDE) to the very educational & exciting Marin Museum of Bicycling, home of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. 

Let them know you’re there to experience everything from a real working bicycle two stories high, to a very rare Series I “Breezer” by the man himself Joe Breeze who I had the warm welcome of meeting (and treated to a really eye candy book he personally signed for me) as well as his very knowledgeable wife Connie & another museum staffer with miles of trails of stories he’s endured, Marc Vendetti.

Learn more at https://mmbhof.org

The Bike Guy bike shop – Rick “TBG” Mc Clure was there since the beginning when Eve ate the Red Apple , (I mean Red Rocker ) as you can see by these pics. A gentleman that been there and done that, his shop has his vast experience all over its walls, from BMX featured in films to ancient childhood memories gone by, to the latest and greatest in BMX, cruisers you name it. 

805 BICYCLES – Can’t go without another APPRECIATIVE HEARTFELT to John Grine & a couple 4 legged bow wow security and amazing staff.

Another reliable bike shop with all the latest in BMX, as well as EYE CATCHING electronic mountain bikes hard to find anywhere else.

Stays open late hours & Sundays (which is rare).

Thanks for Get’n the Red Rocker crank’n.

And of course … THE BEST for LAST , the one and only , Red Rocker himself , our inspiration for generations , Sammy Hagar .

24/325 beach bound , tank top, sandals around the clock . For all the latest & greatest. 

Learn more: www.redrocker.com

Never forget the man behind many MEN & Women and their MTB’s (ya think I was wearing a fedora on accident?) the one & only Gary Fisher.

Learn more: https://www.trekbikes.com/us/en_US/equipment/bike-accessories/cycling-gifts-fun-stuff/books/being-gary-fisher-and-the-bicycle-revolution-autobiography/p/34870/

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Special thanks to my website designer, Emily Alvarez

from Emily Alvarez Designs.

Special Gr8ful heartfelt thanks to mi familia W their patience in photography, videography, audio & even drive cam.

Mi amour Joy, my daughter Kristy & son bRRo AJay.

To learn more, contact Chris Heathcoat at redrockerriders@gmail.com