Aaron Blakely

Aaron, once again welcome to redrockerriders.com

Although small and most likely rarely heard of, the site is growing as well as the word of this very rare bike…Considering I’ve looked at the picture/sale ad of your bike purchase on worthpoint.com and already have that listed in the account… many Red Rocker riders/owners have a first and yours definitely comes in as the very first owner to have the official jersey that went to the bike shop that Sammy owned “Sausalito Cyclery “ (now Mikes Bikes ), As well as the only owner I know of that actually at one time, had 2 Fishermountain Bikes Sammy Hagar RED ROCKERS

1. Aaron where did you hear for the very first time that such a bicycle was available?

Me and my best friend missed out on purchasing one many years ago while we were in college and riding a bit.  We were poor students and just couldn’t justify the cost back then. We didn’t realize how rare these truly were at the time.  For several years since then, I would occasionally search online for one of these for sale somewhere. Most of the listings were old and not active. I looked on eBay one night and found this one listed up for auction. 

2. How long did it take you after you heard that the bike existed till you finally had the opportunity to purchase it?

I think it was a 7- or 10-day auction.  I really can’t believe I was the only bidder and won the auction. 

3. Please tell us the details probably the heaviest and most filled answered questions that lead up to the bike purchase, how many more the seller had and any background you can tell me that he at least claims to have on how he got them and as well as the very, very rare jersey? 

It’s been quite a while since I bought it so I don’t really remember all the details on how he got the bike. He had quite a lot of other memorabilia to go with it also, including the autographed sponsor jersey. When we were arranging for shipping, he told me he had another one that he would sell if I was interested in it. He had gotten it to actually ride but ended up not using it much, so he wanted to let it go. I knew how rare these bikes were so I didn’t even hesitate to purchase it also.  I gave it to my friend since we had been looking for one ever since college. 

4. And this time before I reached out to you have you had any offers on the bike do you ever take it out in public?

I have ridden it around my neighborhood a couple times but that’s about it. It just hangs in the garage for the most part. Very few people know I have it so I have not had any offers to buy it. After waiting so long to find one I doubt I’d be interested in selling it. 

5. What is the size of the mountain bike and the serial number as we wonder if it leads to an exact count of bicycles the last three numbers have a chance to tell us production the website shows the lowest that number seven I believe and the highest at 135. (Worth checking )

My bike has a 21” frame. The serial number is K9A0106. Appears to be all original. 

6. Until I get the proper display mine is embarrassingly covered up unless I take it out for photographs or a 30-minute ride a couple of times a year or a video for Sammy, where do you keep your red rocker?

I have it hanging up in the garage. I would like to have it displayed on the wall when I get a den or study. 

7. You evidently are a Sammy Hagar fan any other collectibles you enjoy besides his very, very rare mountain bike?

Like I mentioned before I have the sponsor jersey. Also included was the framed autographed magazine issue of the bike. I have a couple of posters and a signed t-shirt also. I also have a signed check for the purchase of the bike from Sammy originally 

8. Please do tell your top three favorite Sammy Hagar songs regardless of what era.

Wow! That’s a tough one. There are so many. If I had to nail it down to 3 actual just Sammy songs though: Eagles Fly, I’ll Fall in Love Again, Baby’s on Fire

9. Have you ever seen Sammy Hagar live and how many times?

I’ve seen Sammy several times solo and with Van Halen. 

10. Any hopes in future wishes regarding the bike, concert experiences in-person meetings, or anything you’d like to share?

Hopefully going to see him again in concert in a couple of weeks. I usually don’t geek out over celebrities but Sammy is someone I really think it would be cool to meet in person. I would love to be able to ask him if the one I have was his actual bicycle for sure.   It would be cool to know if the Red Rocker on the magazine cover is the one I own.