Jill Schultz

1. With some members I know already half of the story and you’re one of them so although I know some of these answers let’s start from the top because I won’t know all of them. First, where were you when you first listened and found out about our favorite musician Sammy Hagar?

A BMX buddy of mine gave me the Standing Hampton cassette in 1982! Where I was standing at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds where the BMX track was.  Lol Davenport, Iowa. 

2. When & where was the very first time you saw him?

My big brother wouldn’t let his little sister tag along in 1983 to one of Sammy’s shows so I had to wait til 1984, VOA tour. Took matters into my OWN hands! 

3. Brings us to another favorite question among many, what are your favorite songs or albums?

5150, hands down and I’m still partial to Standing Hampton!

4. You’ve got some of the most rare opportunities that I’ve ever seen with a Red Head/Sammy Hagar fan and supporter from being on stage with him to many times at the Cabo Wabo couple pictures and tell me why they are your favorite?

The first time I met him, with Van Halen in 1986 is one of my best moments. Then about 7 years ago I go to the Foxwoods show in Connecticut, unscheduled, and he sees me about to get kicked out for sneaking up front and he said, “FU€K THAT! That’s my Texas Girl and she can watch the show ON stage!!!  Then the one WITH the Red Rocker Edition Jeep was taken last year. He and I are standing by it. 

5. When did you ever first hear of him having a red rocker bike? Sometimes you’ll hear through the radio like some of the members others in a magazine where were you at when you first found out about it?

It had to have been in a magazine because I remember the article reading, “I saw Red” and it was advertising his RR clothing and I had the RR bicycle poster on my wall. The one from Sausilito bike shop, with him on top. 

6. Which brings us to, the first to be featured Red Rockn Riding Reina, how did you get this bike?

I’ve wanted one of these bikes for about 25 years. I’ve been looking and looking and looking!!! I got a lead last year on the one I have and the sale came through, my prayers were answered!!! When they came out, I kinda wanted one, but I grew up on BMX bikes and MTB wasn’t that cool, but it was a Sammy bike, so THAT was cool, but it just wasn’t in the cards then. (That’d be me! How do I not hook up the first redhead I asked if she knew how I could get a “Red Rocker”?!?!)

7. Since you’ve had the bike has anyone tried to offer money for you to sell it if so how much?

No one has offered me any money, they are impressed though on the condition. 

8. Like most of us you will barely ride it. How many times have you ridden it thus far?

I honestly haven’t ridden it yet. It wasn’t my intention to buy one to ride.  We live in an area where I am not able to ride much and when u fall at my age, u fall HARD! I don’t really want to buy a helmet and all, we didn’t grow up riding with helmets on, but now I think it’s necessary. That’s just me. 

9. My plan is to try at least one day to get Sammy interested at least for a half-mile ride on his birthday month. Would you be game with all of us with our bikes behind him?

I’d be game, I just don’t know how that’s possible to get everyone together, we’re pretty spread out. 

10. Any wishes for Sammy and his awesome band the circle in the future, and hopes you have for him to call headlining with anyone? I myself looking for the Eddie Van Halen tribute with all members involved any well wishes sound off here my sister, and welcome to red rockerriders.com.

Of course, I wish the band well and High Hopes!!! It’s a HUGE part of our life! That’s where ALL our money goes! We’ll be the last ones standing.  Also, I need Sammy to play at my funeral, that would guarantee me that he was my first concert and it’d be my very last!

When Jill is not going golfing on the golf course, upping the irons with the many talented athletes and celebrities she meets, or not rocking around in her Red Rocker Jeep…she and her partner Beverly are making sure the Red Rocker’s cheeks stay red.