Michael Sabanovich

Let me start by declaring, (and I believe you will agree) there is no other story, where a Red Rocker Rider put as much heart and soul that went into the miles on this bike. His trials and tribulations, always keeping his Red Rocker by his side no matter what, is inspiring & perspiring just to read it. And also, is the first RRR inductee, posting randomly on an awesome fan-based Sammy site (all think about joining “Sammy Hagar’s Circle of Higher Spirits) that I reached out & Red Rocked our convos right away…I welcome mR. Michael Sabanovich.

1. How long have you been affiliated with the awesome Facebook fan-based site, Sammy Hagar’s Circle of Higher Spirits, and what made you decide to post your bike up there? (Basically how we met).

To answer your first question. I’ve been a Sammy Hagar fan for many years. As for the page, a friend of mine posted something on the page, and then I checked it out. Seemed legit so, I joined. I posted the bike because I thought some fans would appreciate it.

2. Please tell us how you even knew a RR bike existed, and of course, lil story of the day you purchased it which I already understand was at the very famously known Sammy’s shop “Sausalito Cyclery”?

I read about its release thru the local paper. I wanted one so, I took a ride down to the shop in Sausalito and put a deposit on a bike. It came out a couple days later and paid off the lay-a-way. I rode it home all the way to Petaluma taking the back roads as I’ve done so many times on my road bike.

3. Every story has a first … you by FAR… have ridden your RR the most, can u tell us about your experiences as well as what happened to the parts it was issued with (lol-for purist)?

I have put down a lot of miles on the red rocker. Riding bikes was kind of my thing back in the day. I would go on group rides with my road bike cronies. All firemen with lots of downtime to ride. I started to explore more around town with the red rocker because it was just fun. It was my get-around for all things bike. I rode it to work sometimes too. I would always get looks and asked about the bike because it was unique. The old parts like the rims, tires, mag lights, seats, handlebar grips, and peddles got launched as soon as I replaced them with new parts as I needed them. 

4. How many times have you seen Sammy & with his many respected bands, which one?

I had to think about this one. The first concert with Sammy was 1986 with Van Halen in San Francisco at The Cow Palace. It was awesome and way better than the David Lee Roth version of Van Halen I saw 2 years earlier during the 1984 tour. The second time was at Shoreline Amphitheater in ‘91. The third time was at Arco Arena in Sacramento in ‘99 but, with the Waboritas. I moved to Vegas; I’ve seen them 3 more times. All amazing shows. 

5. What size is your Red Rocker?

Size 19″

6. Have you ever thought about selling it? (I’m here to try and talk you out of it if so).

No!!! I have been thru so much with that bike and lots of miles/years. I was almost homeless at one time and vowed that if I ever had to get rid of all my possession to survive, I would keep the bike. It was my only transportation at one point when my car was stolen. In order to survive, I rode every day to work from Forestville to East Santa Rosa then back home. I had some tough times and all I had was my Red Rocker to make it thru. It’s been a good bike to me. The sentiment goes way beyond Sammy Hagar will ever know.

7. What do you do for a living? Family is active as you? In here if any business you’d like to proudly rep, please do so.

I’ve cooked since I was 14 years old. I’ve moved around a lot as most cooks do. I moved to Vegas in ‘99 to see something different as I lived in the Santa Rosa area for 12 years. I love Santa Rosa but, I needed change. I worked at a couple places the first couple of months before I landed a job at Picasso inside the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. I spent 4 years there. Sammy Hagar would come in for dinner about two times a year when he was in town for a concert. My chef knew him well and tell me he would introduce me to him someday. Chef even told me when Sammy was in town his alias would be “””“M#% $#+€R9””(holds that revelation, and now continue lol) if you had to call him in any one place he would be at. Sadly, I never got to meet him. I left Vegas in ‘05 when my first son was born. I promised my wife we leave Vegas when we have kids. Vegas was fun but, it was time to move on. I live in Fallon, NV now. I still cook but now I’m the chef. I have been running kitchens in a few places up here now. It’s hard work but, I’m good at it and have the numbers to prove it. My family just kind of enjoys doing their own thing. If I have a race or a marathon to run, the family always enjoys road trips. They’re not as active as me. Not many people are but, I do get their support in some kind of way – the best way they know how to.

8. You’ve seen this website, (you’re the first to join after its completion) what were your first thoughts?

I think it’s cool to be part of a club that shares a common ground. In this case, the Red Rocker!

9. Any wishes & hopes about you, the bike, your now affiliation as a “Red Rocker Rider “?

I hope this story gets out. Message me for more detailed stories

10. And lastly bRotheR… top 3 fave songs that Sammy has sung out of that famous vox?

Only one way to rock; Finish what you started; Rock Candy