Greg Scott Dulberg

Meet Greg Dulberg. Make that “Greg Scott” Dulberg. Old school Sammy Hagar fan since 1976. Former frontman in multiple hard Rock Bands…Bill Graham Day On The Green fan!!! With THE biggest wall-to-wall collection of original concert tickets, I’ve ever seen. He should have a business in showcasing your concert experiences. Greg is knowledgeable about and has done extensive research on the RR Mountain Bike and this website’s technical supporter/historian…and on a few of these interviews, my right-hand wingman! We made some memories my dear friend, you got 10 Qs and 13 min to answer: “Get on your bad RR & ride.” 

When Greg’s not appreciating his RR bike being inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame & risking his life with backpack hikes, he’s…well…with these bios, you know…

1. Where did you first find out about the Fisher/Sammy Hagar Red Rocker Mountain Bike?

I found out about the bike at the same time I learned Sammy had opened up Sausalito Cyclery (1989-90) from a former band mate who knew I had been a long-standing Sammy Fanatic.

2. How many did it take you seeing until you found one?

True story: I had only seen one RR prior to discovering Preston Theler’s photo on the internet.

3. When did u finally obtain a Red Rocker?

I believe it was 2007 -2008 when I found one for sale on eBay. Missed that sale and in 2009 was able to purchase the one I own (when it arrived, I was like a kid at Christmas).

4. Where was it located? Northern California

5. Where was the ad placed? eBay 

6. You told me about a time you considered this as a piece for a restoration show. What year was that? And what led you to deciding to have it displayed at a public place so others could see it?

The show was “American Restoration” I met Rick Dale at the “Vegas Rocks” magazine awards night (2012) in Las Vegas. I asked Rick if he would be interested in restoring the bike as a segment on the show. He put me in touch with his producers who interviewed me 3 times for the show but ultimately the bike was not selected as an “on air” restoration. However, the whole process was super exciting and fun! Again, I acted like a kid on Christmas morning!

7. How & when did u find out about the VERY EXCITING & EDUCATIONAL museum ran by MTBHOF’s Joe Breeze, his wife Connie & Marc Valenti?

I found out about the Marin Museum of Bicycling/MBHOF while talking with my brother (an avid cyclist) and while researching Gary Fisher. 

8. Greg, I was very fortunate to be present the day when the Marin County Mountain Bike Hall of Fame accepted your Red Rocker. Every one of us RRR’s has a story that’s unique & a very first that no one else has … you are the only one, to have this bike donated on behalf of all MTB relics, Gary Fisher collectors & die-hard Sammy Hagar fans “Red Heads” & on behalf of the Red Rocker himself, Sammy Hagar. How does it feel that this long-standing goal came to fruition? And … what are your feelings now that bike is no longer on your wall in the best display I’ve ever seen?

I have always displayed the bike in my homes as a museum artifact. Wherever I have lived… you enter my home, and my RR MTB is proudly on display. Ever since 2012 when I tried to get the bike on American Restoration, I have dreamed of putting the bike on public display… I contacted Mikes Bikes in 2012 to see if they wanted to display it at the original Sausalito cyclery location. They said they would love to show the bike. but I got cold feet and never followed through. In about 2016 I learned about the hall of fame relocating from Crested Butte, CO to Fairfax, CA… and I thought “that’s where Sammy’s Bike should be displayed! Thanks to a good friend Chris Heathcoat (who encouraged me to take the bike to the museum…) the bike is now proudly “on permanent display” at the MBHOF!!! It makes me happy knowing that Sammy’s rare and historic Red Rocker Mountain Bike is in a location where cycling enthusiasts can see her in all her glory! Thank you, Joe & Connie Breeze, Chris Heathcoat, and the entire Hall of Fame family and its many benefactors! Please donate to and support this important Marin/Mt. Tam History Museum.

9. A favorite Sammy story, song & time.

Too many to list…but if I had to choose; 1977 “Turn Up the Music”. First Sammy Concert was 1976 “Day on the Green” followed by 1977 New Year’s Eve @ Cow Palace with “Heart”.

10. What’s your goals from here on out?

Goals going forward are to one day meet Sammy at the Hall of Fame, get a picture of him riding my bike, and shake his hand and thank him for being part of my life since 1976! I would also love to meet and get a photo with MTB pioneer Gary Fisher!