Brian Sax

And then …. WHATA COOKING IN THE KITCHEN? Interesting question since Brian is not a culinary artist lead cook like our other RRR’r Michael. I spotted this bike on the awesome Sammy Hagar Higher Spirits fan-based Facebook site what seemed like a kitchen in the background… and my hunt was on….We bring you Brian Sax’s Fisher-mountain Bikes Sammy Hagar Red Rocker.

Standing at a 19 1/2 and #48 and early issue off the truck. Brian has taken pride in representing this classic hard-to-get machine riding it everywhere. With many offers but no interest in selling… Like most of us… He continues to be a hard-core Sammy fan with the introduction from his brother in the 1974 Montrose album. He’s hit many bday bashes and concerts (over 40+ times) Driving all the way from Sacramento he purchased his red rocker directly from the Sausalito store and had every intention to go back and get one of the tandems but unfortunately, they were already sold out. (Our first member to have intended to add a tandem to his collection ) 

And as you see, one of the biggest capitalizations on what you can do with the license plate as he made sure he represents a variety of different ways in this cool collection of automobiles and personalized representing action. Brian Sax, what’s cooking in that kitchen? You & your awesome story and bike are… WELCOME TO REDROCKERRIDERS.COM