Mike Bunde

It’s always a treat when someone reads about my enthusiasm about the Red Rocker, and contacts me …that’s the case w “Waborita Mike”. He said he made a mean one, and I’ve been a repeat appreciator of that. Lol. After one of my posts on the very awesome Facebook “Sammy Hagar appreciation site “Club1013”, he noticed my water bottle showing “805 Bikes” (another awesome bike shop if you’re in Simi would be an awesome choice, open late and on Sundays) So “Waborita Mike” and myself “Cabo Gringo” made a bike date, and this is what I discovered …

Mike, right when he was turning 30… decided to do something different and invigorating and challenging for himself to keep his physical activities up and Mark his birthday with getting a mountain bike. After seeing Sammy (whom he already admired and had more than a few shows of enjoying Hagar under his belt) grace the cover of “Mountain & City Biking Magazine “it was a given that Mike wanted to purchase a Red Rocker.

Virtually everyone thus far…shown on this site, has a “1st”. And Mike is the only one, to have not only, his Red Rocker in near mint condition with no add-ons, no reissue, no touch-ups alone, his rims are a very deep black (hard to keep in all anodizing because break use wears the color down to silver) but even his chain guard tape, firmly sticking along the chain stay & in the original thus far impossible to get “stay-tuff” tape…but Bunde ALSO has…(drum roll please) the ORIGINAL PURCHASED RECEIPT from SAUSALITO CYCLERY!!! What a treasure!!!

After making a phone call in 1989, to make sure his long 5hr drive plus to Marin County was not for nothing … and assured they had a RR in stock … he journeyed to get his new gift & has kept it safe ever since. Mike enjoys riding the Red Rocker but also decided breaks in between because of the admiration traffic it can cause. As you can see by the pics, Mike is a huge Rock N Roller, has a vast, very rare collection, many new and unopened gems from rare individual generation marked tequilas to framed and signed albums as well as huge appreciation collection of Aaron Hagar’s art. He’s got a great heart, loving wife Jennifer, an awesome pooch named Samantha/Sam (only a Sammy fan’s pooch gets that altered spelling) and I’m very proud to call them my friends. Anywhere in or around this area, Mike wears many hats. Let him know which one to put on if you need help at your business or home.