Preston Theler

1. What was your earliest memory you found out about the Red Rocker by Fisher Mountain Bikes?

Probably a couple years before I bought mine in 2010. I was doing some internet research on other Gary Fisher bikes and came across the RR.   

2. How much you pay for it? Very Reasonable.

3. Where did you finally find one? Craigslist out of San Rafael

4. What year? October 2010

5. What size is it? 17″ – Serial Number K9A0010

6. It’s my understanding you’ve displayed it in shops off and on publicly for years, any offers on it?

Has been on display both at NorCal Bikesport and The Trail House in Santa Rosa.

7. Until we all met together, how many people ask about it or how many other Red Rockers have you seen?

I had seen 1 frame prior to purchasing mine on craigslist.  Haven’t seen another until we met.

8. What, if anything, would you like to see happen in future with this Gary Fisher Red Rocker Sammy Hagar Mountain Bike?

Hang it back up again in the shop one day. I will see what the future holds.

9. How long have you worked on bikes, and your official position at store?

I’ve been working on bikes since I got my first flat tire when I was a kid.  Got my first bike mechanic job at a shop right when I turned 16.  Have been doing it almost 24 years now.  I’m currently the Service Manager at NorCal Bike Sport in Santa Rosa, CA.

10. You ever see Sammy Hagar live? (If not shame on you)

Haven’t had the chance yet – shame!