Christopher Heathcoat

As a collector, with a 3-inch Cabo Diablo rubber figure (that doesn’t even look like Sammy) going for near 200.00, a ceramic tiki called the Sam-Ku selling for 2 grand . . . His bobble head (that does look like him) sold for a couple hundred … this very rare bike, is at the top of a collectors list. And… just saying it like it is…w/ Sammy Hagar’s vocals, that smooth bluesy voice w grit & high peak at his command, lyrics “stop looking out, START looking in … BE your OWN BEST FRIEND”, his energy, positive attitude TIL THIS DAY! and his delivery of all getting me thru tough times in school & celebrating good accomplishments … I HAD to OWN this bicycle. 

My name is Christopher Heathcoat. Father of four girls & one son. I am of the “greatest of these is Love” Christian faith. Martial arts since 7. I’m a huge pet lover & believe in “Rescue” in all types of formations, which is one of the reasons I selected to purchase this particular, incomplete & need of restoration bike …

Which brings me to MY FISHER MOUNTAINBIKES SAMMY HAGAR RED ROCKER. It stands in one of the larger frames at 22’. As u can see, was in need of many components, however with the original Bike Frame, suntour dc front derailer, rear derailer, STRONG tm seat post & Fisher Bulge handlebars that are original issue. it maintains 60% original issued stock.

Having seen the few remaining RR’s out there … I decided (as u can also witness) my own custom preference on Mr. Hagar’s original insight on red and black only, and proceeded to purchase many things w that theme, per component. Water bottle holder (black w red splatter & another w a streamline black with red lip), cell phone holder, red chain (a feedback fave) as well as red tires w black walls & mid trim. Red & black number plate (no mystery what number I would choose) & personalized Red Letter Black License plate, a lot to look at but no doubt which one is Christopher’s aka: Cabo Gringo Santo Red Rock’n Beach Bar Rum Bum’s.

To even have interest in this particular bike, you’re either a huge admirer of Sammy, MTB, or Gary Fisher … (most of us are all above). I myself didn’t realize the bike existed until 2004 area… looking for Sammy shirts online, ran across this item. Over the next decade in half, I missed out on three of them that were complete … being a huge music and movie fan, and remembering of how “Christine “was found … I decided to go the same route.

And during completion and meeting a couple other owners that appreciated how rare the bike really is … I got to thinking, “just how many more … are out there? “Each owner has their own story … and what’s REALLY NEAT & surprising to me, is they all have a “1st at accomplishing something with the bike in their own position “”. So, with that, I decided to make a site, for the appreciation, official count … and historic reference to this magnificent & totally original of the 1st celebrity to come out with a mountain bike. The 1st to team up w a well-known bicycle creator, Mr. Gary Fisher … and now Sammy Hagar maintains another 1st… Still, to this day… no other musician or actor has put their name on a bicycle 30 + years later.

Welcome to Red Rocker