By Dr. Red Rockula

When you research the research, observe the observations & in between between’s – there are slightly different statements of EXACTLY HOW MANY “Red Rockers” were made. It would be neat to know how many were the final production, until then, this is what I’ve traced & able to ride thru:

1. Greg Scot Dulberg

2. Mike Bunde

3. Aaron Hagar

4.Preston Theler

5. Joe Tanner

6.  Christopher Heathcoat 

7. Gentleman featured at book signing with Sam. Still awaiting contact.

Verified on line last decade:

8. Very 1st one I seen didn’t have the coin for 2004. (600.00)

9. Missed  out on Murphy’s California /wife went school w Sammy . (350.00)

10. Another RR completely repainted.(600.00)

11. 1st one Preston seen B4 his.

12. One on worth point different chrome forks

13. One w two water bottles also re/painted 999.00  

14. One w awesome SAUSALITO CYCLERY SHIRT (seen again off

15. Sammy has prototype in box/Instagram post 04/2021

16. Seen a cracked frame RR for sale

17 & 18 – given to Edward Van Halen . (Awaiting word from camp.)

Feel free to chime in …